Having the privilege of leading an animal rescue brings with it so many amazing victories for animals in need, especially for those in our sanctuary. However, we all know that for those animals the day will arrive when we have to let them go to escape the bonds of this earthly plane. It brings great sadness to all of us when this happens. This page is dedicated to the animals who were in our care and have now passed beyond our vision. We want to honour these precious little souls by remembering the happiness that they brought to the people around them. We hope that we made their lives as comfortable as possible while they were in our care, and that they felt the love that we had for them. Click the photos, below, to read their stories.

Sparky in loving memory Heidi in loving memory

Sparky.  May 1999 - 17 March 2017

Heidi.  About 1 May 2006 - 3 May 2019

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