Become a Pets Niagara Foster Guardian

photo of a man and woman each holding a catAs a foster guardian, you will provide temporary care for a domestic pet in need until such time as we are able to find a suitable permanent home for that pet. Becoming a foster guardian is easy and there is absolutely no cost or long-term obligation involved. Foster homes and foster guardians are vital to our success. Simply put, our foster guardians help us to save more lives and we rely on them. Sadly, every day in Niagara there are hundreds of pets waiting to be rescued and we desperately need your help. We believe that every pet deserves a second, third and beyond chance to enjoy the safety and security of a warm and loving home.

How the Process Works

Our goal is to make the fostering experience as enjoyable as possible for you and your family. If a pet has special needs we will place that pet in a foster home that is able to meet those needs. Our foster coordinator will meet with you to discuss the type of pet that would suit your lifestyle and experience level.

What we Provide

We provide everything you will need. This includes food, treats and supplies such as kennels, collars, leashes, toys, blankets and so on. If the pet requires veterinarian care, the expense is billed directly to Pets Niagara. We will also support your desire to enhance your pet-handling abilities, such as completing animal first aid certification or attending pet training classes. We ask that you discuss such desires with us first to ensure that we are able to cover the expenses on your behalf at that particular time.

What We Ask in Return

Your role is to provide everything else that a happy, health and well-adjusted pet requires. This includes following a regular feeding and exercise schedule, providing warm shelter, love, respect and attention. We also ask that you help us showcase the pet, as required, such as taking him or her to television appearances and to adoption events until such time as the pet has been adopted into a permanent home. If you are unable to participate in an event we require that you permit another of our volunteers to pick the pet up from your home early enough to arrive on time at the event.

The Rewards of Fostering

As a foster guardian you are helping a pet learn to trust and bond with people, perhaps for the very first time in that pet's life. Can you imagine what the pet must be feeling during the transition from a hungry, neglected animal to a pet whose comfort, safety and health are restored and maintained consistently? You will be the recipient of that pet's gratitude, love and devotion for your efforts.

If, however, you find that the pet chosen for you doesn't suit your home please notify us immediately. We would ask that you agree to hold the pet for up to 30 days after your notice to provide us with sufficient time to find a new foster guardian or permanent home for him or her.

To apply to become a foster guardian for Pets Niagara please either complete our Foster Guardian Application form online or download the application, print it out, complete it and mail it back to us. We will be in touch with you within 48 hours of receiving your completed Foster Guardian Application.


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