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If you own a pet, you know how quickly daily care and medical expenses add up. When they're young, there's the cost of spaying/neutering and vaccinations. As they age, there's the cost of the typical aches, pains, and diseases associated with growing old.

photo of two kittens playing togetherThe expenses we face for the pets in our care are substantial. Many have survived lives of neglect, abuse, and malnutrition. They haven't been lucky enough to experience quality medical care, love and attention to their well-being until now.

Treating and rehabilitating these animals, some needing long-term special care, can easily become financially overwhelming - if not for the generosity of our supporters. We must raise money to cover the daily out-of-pocket medical expenses and veterinary care. There are many ways you can help us keep an eye on the well-being of all of our charges.

Your donations will help to provide good quality care for our rescues, such as:

It all adds up so quickly! Won't you help us today by donating whatever you can for their care?

You can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring monthly donation. Notices of donations are listed in each issue of our newsletter. Please click on which of the "Donate Now" or "Automatic"buttons, below, to reflect how you wish to make your donation. Or, if you want to donate by mail, download either our One-time Gift mail-in donation form or our recurring Pre-authorized debit gift form, complete it and mail to:

You have our assurance that every dollar donated to Pets Niagara goes directly to feed, house and medically aid pets in need. Pets Niagara is a non-profit organization currently seeking registered Ontario charitable status.

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Recurring Gift
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Commemorative Donations

photo of a black cat sitting on a white rugWould you like to honour or memorialize someone, a special occasion or event with your donation? Perhaps you would simply like to give a gift to a pet-lover friend by making a donation on their behalf.

Commemorative donations can be made for as little as a one-time donation of CAN$25.00. Complete your gift below by clicking on the "Donate Now" button or download our mail-in Commemorative Donation form, complete it and mail to us. We'll be happy to send your honouree a beautiful ecard that tells them all about your donation in their honour. Or, if you prefer, we will be happy to send a traditional mailed card to your honouree, instead. Either way, please Contact us and tell us what your wishes are for your card.

Notices of donations are listed in each issue of our newsletter.

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In Honour
In Honour or Memory of

Become a Legendary Donor

photo of three husky dogs lying side-by-sideBecome a legend! By making a major donation to Pets Niagara YOU can make a huge impact. We make major improvements for our rescues and sanctuary participants every year, along with the day-to-day care, nutrition and exemplary vet care provided to them. By joining the Legendary Donor Crew (annual gift $5,000 and above) YOU will partner with Pets Niagara to rescue and care for special pets in their Forever Home and ensure the sustainability of our Sanctuary Programs for many years to come. To make a legendary gift please contact us directly.

Other Donations

Donate items from our Wish List.

Donate your time. Pets Niagara is always looking for new volunteers to join us.


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