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First Aid Kit for your Pet.

Pet identification; current photo of your pet along with their name, address and brief description; ID tabs and microchip number. Information on your pet's feeding schedule, temperament/behaviour, medical concerns, veterinarian's name and contact details, number for the ASPCA Animal Poison Hotline...
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Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found in More than 90 Shampoo Brands.

While the original article was intended to draw attention to human shampoo brands, I don't believe enough people have considered the ingredients in their pet's shampoo carefully. Don't be fooled by labels that say "all natural", "safe" and so on. Pet shampoos are not considered drugs, therefore there are no governmental regulations designed to define or govern the terms...
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Plants and your Pet at Easter.

Throughout this Easter celebration there will be many treats and temptations of an edible nature for us humans. However, if you have pets in the home, please be aware that those same treats that we enjoy can spell sudden severe illness, even death in some cases, for your beloved family companion. Even though the severity of reactions to different types of foods differs between species, your pet's life is too precious to be momentarily careless.
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Hot time! Summer in the City.

There are two debilitating and life threatening ailments to which our pets are susceptible during the heat and humidity of summer - dehydration and overheating. Delivery of water combined with body cooling are essential first aid treatments for any dehydrated and/or over-heated animal. But how do we know if our pet is dehydrated or over-heated?
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Beware the Cocoa Bean Mulch!

As spring approaches, people will start to tend their lawns and gardens. Many will consider using cocoa bean mulch as a fertilizer. Made from spent cocoa beans used in chocolate production, cocoa bean mulch is organic, deters slugs and snails, and gives a garden an appealing chocolate smell. However, it also attracts dogs, who can easily be poisoned by eating the mulch.
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